Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gimme some Rixty...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 20
I am the diva #201

Another special week for our Diva... Moebius syndrome awereness day...
So this week our string is the Moebius syndrome foundation logo...

I learned a new tangle today and decided to use it; Rixty...
(Thanks to Jamie for pointing it out!)
A very versitile tangle indeed and I will absolutely be playing around with that one more. It is so very relaxing to draw... Love it...

Also still feeling the love for poke root... And gave it another go today...

This tile and the purple one I painted with watercolor before drawing...
It felt kinda slippery when drawing on it, but I do like the look of it...

Thank you!
For your comments... Everyone is so sweet!


  1. This has such a dream quality to it. I love it!

  2. Oh, my first comment was for the Pokeroot. I also really like your Rixty tiles. I haven't used that, but you make it look great - especially in purple!

  3. Love them both, but the Pokeroot one is just outstanding!

  4. So beautiful. Really like your tiles for Moebius Syndrome awareness.

  5. Rixty is great for the logo!!!! I also like the Pokeroot tile a lot.
    I read your 'about me' and have to say that, whatever I drink, COKE is always the favorite :-)

  6. Two lovely tiles. Love the Rixty and your Pokeroot is awesome.

  7. I'm learning about so many new tangles (new to me anyway) from looking at all the responses to the Diva's challenge this week. Your rixty is waaaay cool.

  8. That rixty looks so great in the moebius strip...I think I have seen more appropriate tangles for this challenge than ever before for a challenge. They all seem to prick at your "awareness" sense and do what Laura wants to have happen for the Moebius Syndrome group. Wishing them the best week ever!

  9. I love Rixty as the string for the moebius strip! Brilliant!


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