Friday, January 23, 2015

Well worth the wait...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 23
it's a string thing
That's new to me

Apple Pie
- The worlds quickest and easiest pie... Ever...
180 celcius - 30 min

100 g butter
125 g sugar
100 g flour
1 tsp bakingpowder
1 egg

While melting the butter mix everything in a bowl. Mix in the butter.
Pour the batter into a pie pan.
Now fill it with whatever your kitchen holds of tasty stuff... Berries, fruit, chocolate, nuts... Just go nuts...

The batter will rise so there's no need to push the filling down, just lay it on top of the batter. Into the oven it goes and watch the tasty magic happen...

Today I added a little coconut flour and chopped almonds to the batter. Not the last time!

 Now while your mouth is watering for all of 30 min waiting for pie you could do like I did and... Tangle of course!

"This is new to me" Challenge #3
Letter of the week: "V"
My chosen tangle: Vigne
My chosen string: #4

"It's a string thing" #76
String of the week: #84
Tangles of the week:


  1. Two very lovely tiles and pie sounds good. I had cake today, lemon and marble with chocolate icing.

  2. both of these are so pretty and delicate. How did you manage to make the string from It's a String Thing so light? Like a vine growing along a wall in a country garden. So lovely, both of them.

  3. Apple pie is my absolute fav thing to bake .. and that served with 2 gorgeous looking tiles are to kill for.. fabulous work...I specially love your "It's a string thing tile".

  4. Wow! Beautiful tiles. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  5. Love your oolo hanging from trumpits.

  6. Very pretty tiles - dainty and lovely. Love the depth in the 2nd one. And your apple pie recipe looks delicious!

  7. I like your use of Oolo as a flower on Trumpits.

  8. How does one sigh-up to follow your blog by email?

  9. I have now added options to follow in the rigth side column.


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