Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This was fun!
I so wish I had the time to make a whole page of little doodle houses and trees!
Of course this is exactly why I love this particular challenge. It's only an inch, it takes very little time, so little that even on the busiest of weeks I can find the time for an inchie!
Also even when I don't feel like drawing and I sit down to make an inchie anyway I end up relaxing and enjoying myself.
When I'm done I am asking myself why on earth I didn't feel like drawing?
The answer is probably that I was stressed out, which drawing is the perfect cure for!
After the village I made a new inchie for week 2. I wasn't really happy with the sun I made.
This one I like better. Even though I messed up the eyes.
Eyes are really tough! Really!

Friday, January 22, 2016

For the love of a sofa...

So last week I forgot to submit my inchie... But at least I didn't forget to make it! lol!
This week we have one of my favorite things! Sofa! I love mine!

Actually we're getting a new one this month.
Which is kind of sad... Since we have these wonderful huge soft floaters... But they are 15 years old and have seen 10 years of sticky fingers (and paws) and jumping kids (jumping cat too!) lets just say these sofas have seen better days...
I am treasuring every last minute with my favorite sofa EVER! ;)

Positive Quotes Pocket Letter for Vivi in Malta

This was a swap on pocketletterpals.com which paired me up with another Dane although she is living in sunny Malta!
I had just bought a pad of quote stickers and then this swap comes along... Meant to be...
The paper is new too. I totally love these wonderful colors!
All wrapped up and ready to go!

Pink pocket letter for Esther in the Netherlands
This was for a private swap on swap-bot.com.
For the first pocket I google translated 'hi' and 'letter'.
I completely fell in love with some beautiful stamps that were on a letter I received from Finland!

Yet another swap...
 This one for washi samples... I love washi!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pink pockets...

Just a quick yellow marker sun with a dash of glittery gelly roll.
Tangles: Balo, Tipple

Pink Pocket Letter for Stine in Norway

 For this one I used journal cards. I have to cut them a bit to make them fit the pockets, but that's okay because they are so pretty!
Danish and Norwegian (Swedish too) languages are somewhat similar so I could write the letter in Danish for Stine. I rarely write letters in Danish, so that was nice!
Another great thing about mailing to a 'neighbor' is that it arrived in just 3 days! :)

We had snow yesterday, it rained away today, which is just perfect! The kids got to build a snowman, we had a snowball fight, lots of snowy fun...
And tomorrow we can drive to work on snowfree roads!

My little snow angels...

Last weekend we spent the afternoon by the sea. Despite the fact that there wasn't really any wind the waves were beautiful!
This is one of my favorite places. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Washi love...

My very first inchie of 2016!
For this one I decided to go black... Then stippled a galaxy of white gelly roll with a touch of purple and glitter.

After seeing the awesome 2015 inchie displays my fellow inchie... inchiers... inchiees... (There's tanglers doing zentangle, so are we inchiers??) (Or do I just really need to go to bed... ;)
Those amazing displays made me want to make one of my own.
But last year (it seems like it was just last week...) I put all my inchies on little tags and used them in my journal, so I couldn't make a display.

I'm not sure what I am doing this year, so for now I'll just save them in an envie...

I have been making some pocket letters lately, but my swap partners have not received them yet, so that's for another time...

This was for a washi tape swap I did a while back.
I have a serious addiction for washi tapes and I love these swaps!

I had 3 partners for this washi swap.
That means 3 letters with wonderful washi for me! Awesome!
A letter is not mandatory in these swaps. Just a note. But I really like writing letters, so I pretty much always write one for the swaps I take part in. And of course in a washi swap one should always pretty up everything with even more washi!

I hope you all entered the new year safe and sound...