Monday, January 19, 2015

I'm in love...

#whimsybykelly2015 day19
"That's new to me" #2
"Tackle it tuesday"
"Every inchie monday"

So I fell upon this amazing Poke root monotangle for diva's 200th made by Jamie while poking around (just had to...) instagram...
Poke root - which I never liked... Because I could never get it right...
But the way Jamie drew it just made me want to do that too!

And can you believe it - I just fell in love... Now I just want to draw more poke root...
I love drawing it this way... It has a hollibaugh feel to it... Which I also love!
Can you feel the love?
Are you rooting for me... ?
(Okay, all done...)

Every monday inchie...

That's new to me "C" & Tackle it tuesday "C-A-R-S"...

String #2
C: Chainlette - New to me...
A: Amaze
R: Rain
S: Sedgling

Now if only there were more hours in a day I could go crazy with some poke root...


  1. Ann, so glad you decided to join our challenge! Love your tile!

  2. lovely elephant inchie and your pokeroot is lovely - I'm going to try it this way

  3. Gorgeous tangling (I know what you mean about poke root). Cutester inchie.

  4. All wonderful artwork and the inchie is fantastic

    Love Chrissie

  5. Love your work, Glad you joined us, we seem to think alike on the inchie!

  6. Nice work! I like your inchie..I did just the feet for mine. Great tile too! I'd say go nuts on the Pokeroot...find as many variations as you can and then post them. I'd love to see that. Thanks for taking part in my challenge!

  7. Love the elephant, and that Pokeroot is amazing!


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