Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas letters...

We had our first snow last week but now we are back with the wet and windy weather...
Which calls for a fire in the wood oven, candles and a nice hot cup a tea...

Pocket Letter: Advent Calendar #1
Grown ups needs advent calendars too! They do!
It's a good thing I've got two kids policing me or I'm not sure the ones I've received would still be intact... ;)

Pocket Letter: Advent Calendar #2
One little pocket with a wrapped goodie for each day of December.
There are of course another swap with little presents for the rest of December...

I have received two advent pocket letters so far, so this year I will be opening calendars along with the kids!
(That is if I can contain myself that long! lol!)


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Exotic crochet...

I just realized that an entire year of inchies are almost at the end! Crazy! I cannot believe it's been almost a year since I submitted my very first inchie for this cool challenge!
I am definitely down for the 2016 inchies too!
This little guy was the first thing on my mind from this weeks word "exotic".
For once I colored in with steadtler fineliners. All though I did touch it with a wet brush to run the color a bit...
(Didn't have any water at hand and being my own lazy self I just touched the brush to my tongue... Not recommended... I can still taste it... lol!)

Every Inchie Monday #47: Crochet
This is absolutely the smallest piece I have ever crocheted!
If only every crochet project was this quick! ;)

Pink Pocket Letter: Cancer Awareness
I sent out this very pink PL for a swap in October...
My swappartner liked elephants!

Zentangle ATC swap
For this swap we were to draw a blind string. I've done this before and they tend to end up very small.
To avoid this, I placed my ATC on a piece of paper so it wouldn't matter if my string went outside the ATC.
Worked like a charm!
Wud, Poke Leaf, Kozy, Squid
Sometimes I just ask one of the kids to draw a string for me.

The paper is cut from a box of rice. I loved the color of the inside. It goes perfect with brown micron and I used colored pencils for shading. White charcoal for highlights.
(Those beautiful tan tiles are not available to me, so I make do with what I can find...)

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nymph love...

Nymph is such a great tangle!
I was feeling the love for my alphabet stamps...

Pink Pocket Letter for Susan
Susan approached me on and I was very happy to swap with her. Theme was senders choice. Susan loves pink and gardening, so that was my choice of theme...

 The middle pocket is cut from the backing paper of a sticker sheet. It is so cute!
The round die-cut in the tea pocket was sent to me in a pocket letter from Japan.
The butterfly die-cut was sent from India...
Yet another envelope on it's way half across the world...