Friday, April 3, 2015

Zen in the sun...

I don't have much to show for today. I trashed two tiles trying new L-tangles for the that's new to me challenge... just wasn't feeling the zen tonight.

The sun graced us with it presence today, letting us get a taste of spring. So we have spent the entire day outside. It's truly amazing to sit and feel the sun on my face while listening to happy cries and laughter from the kids playing on the street.
Now there's some zen to find right there!

But I did do a drawing today, the biggest drawing this year in fact!

My daughter and I drew a racetrack on the street with chalk. It goes all the way to the end of the street. Phew.. I was pretty beat after that...
I found my self a chair in the sun and crocheted a few rounds on my Sofie's universe while the kids took a spin in the track on their bikes, skates and what's the name for the two-wheeler she's running on in the picture?

then I put on a cap, found a pad and a pen and gave tickets to the traffic violators, even had to draw a jail cell (with parking!) for the serial offenders...
Loads of fun.


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