Monday, April 6, 2015

Snow, spring and back to work...

Tangle used: Knyt by LyndelC

 Round 21 is done. I had a little trouble as my popcorns was too much to one side, so I decided to start in the stitch before the one the pattern suggests. I hope this won't come back to haunt me on the next round!
*crossing fingers*

I am really loving this pattern. It's just the right mix of learning new but still repetitive enough that it's not too hard.
If only I could decide whether to go ahead and order the yarn the pattern suggests (it's pretty pricy with the shipping from UK to DK...) or try and pick something in a DK shop... I still haven't found something that's just right.

 The pages for the past week is done. Even though this week started with snow it finished with spring, almost summer!
I felt the need for some happy spring feely paper...

As always my journal lets you play a little game of hide and seek.
Below the zendala dare you find my tile for the Tackle it Tuesday challenge and a bookmark made for Joey's weekly tangle challenge.
No books read this week, but I watched most of season one of the UK series "Fortitude". Very exciting, thrilling, horrific and with the most beautiful scenery filmed on Iceland.
Lastly a few notes on what we did this week...

On this page I made a pocket within the pretty paper storing tangled tiles and some photos from this week.
Below the picture of my Sofie's Universe is a little note on how far along I am.
On ebay I bought a pack of the cutest little tags and they are just perfect for my Every Monday Inchies!

I had expected to use up a second set of pages for this week. As we had the whole week off I really thought I would have done a lot more tangling and drawing.
But the weather have been just amazing which calls for outdoorsy playing with the kids and of course there's the holiday family visits, house full of kids most of the time... And suddenly the week is just gone!

It's been a great holiday and I'm feeling so good and relaxed and ready to take on work!
Tuesday show me what you've got!


  1. What a busy time you've had with all your artwork, fortitude....I started but gave up on after 3 episodes -maybe it required too much concentration for the time of day I was watching it!


    1. It does have a lot of people to keep track of and a lot happens in every episode so there's no time for needlework or nodding off (I did not do that. Not at all!! ;)... You must have picked the wrong day to watch it.
      Thanks for your nice words.

  2. All wonderful projects and a beautiful inchie idea

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. love the inchie with the pattern knyt - I can never get that tangle to work! well done all

    1. It's a tough one! I wouldn't want to put that on a full sized tile!

  4. Love the inchie, the scrapbooking is awesome as well

  5. Beautiful inchie and you other work is great too!

  6. I love peaking in your sketchbook, there are so many great ideas! Your Knyt inchie is very nicely done as well!
    ~ joey ~

  7. Ann, your crochet project is beautiful. I made an afghan at Christmas for my parents with yarn that was waaaaay out of my budget, but I am so glad I did. I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think you'll regret the splurge. I love peeking into your journal; it creates a complete picture of what you're doing and more importantly, who you are. Beautiful! I'll have to try that tangle--it's new to me! Have a brilliant day! c

  8. That's a perfect replication of the knit stitch on that inchie! I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful work!

  9. Fabulous Inchie, and the crochet is lovely. Loe the journal page as well.

  10. Your tangle inchie is very well done. The crochet is pretty, I'll have to remember this site so I can follow your progress. I love the way you do your journal.

  11. Love the clear structure of your inchie.
    The journal page is great.


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