Friday, April 24, 2015

Down to earth...


While drawing this for Tackle it Tuesday, it occurred to me that it would fit pretty neatly for the Diva challenge too...
So I brought out the watercolors to emphasize the earthly theme... 

One new to me tangle: Riverstones
Also Kozy and Betweed

"Find a string in the photo."

Another great challenge from Joey...

Msst, wavy border, sez, roxi, pokeleaf, ripple, fescu, waves, rain dotty
This tile contains only water/beach related tangles.
Once again I added some color to bring forth the earth/beach theme...

Please check out this new challenge!
If you enjoy the Every Inchie Monday, you will love the Tuesday Twinchies too!
The more entries, the more fun for every one!

Two ideas popped in my head with this 4th 2x2 challenge, so I kept with the theme and made two twinchies...

Royal is the tangles King's Crown, Queen's Crown and Knights Bridge with royal blue, gold and glitter...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 113-114


  1. Love that first earth tile. I go for the simple ones and that one is just divine.

  2. All are beautiful and the earth tile has great colors.

  3. Great earth tile. It is lovely. Loved your other work too! Hope to see more. Sarah.

  4. Lovely work! I really love the first and second one, they're beautiful!

  5. Love your earth-and-tackle-it-Tuesday tile!

  6. Oh, so well done! Love each one...but especially like that royal blue color on the last one...WOW!


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