Saturday, April 4, 2015

The magic of zen...

Usually these zendalas just practically draw themselves... But not this one... I gave up on it twice...

But I still had a template among the papers laying around my end of the table... And today those ovals in the center were suddenly telling what they wanted and... voila!
It happened again. It's like magic!

Uncorked by Adele Bruno
Ovolution, Kozy, Nymph
Lawn Yawn by Molossus

Laced by Mary Elizabeth Martin
Lotuspods and Lilypads by Margaret Bremner
Lawn Yawn by Molossus
Lockar Curls by Ninna

Laced I have used a few times before, the rest were all firsttimers...
I really love lilypads and lawn yawn. Both aren't much to look at until surrounded by black, but then they look so great!
I wish I had skipped the lotuspods, I just can't get them to look as I want...
The lockar curls are right up my ally, I just love those swirls.


  1. Great tile! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. Your Zendala is pretty, Ann and I love your New to Me L!! I need to go look some of these up :) :)

    My friend Carolien and I are starting a new weekly challenge you might like. It starts Wed. Details at

    ~ Diane Clancy


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