Tuesday, January 26, 2016


This was fun!
I so wish I had the time to make a whole page of little doodle houses and trees!
Of course this is exactly why I love this particular challenge. It's only an inch, it takes very little time, so little that even on the busiest of weeks I can find the time for an inchie!
Also even when I don't feel like drawing and I sit down to make an inchie anyway I end up relaxing and enjoying myself.
When I'm done I am asking myself why on earth I didn't feel like drawing?
The answer is probably that I was stressed out, which drawing is the perfect cure for!
After the village I made a new inchie for week 2. I wasn't really happy with the sun I made.
This one I like better. Even though I messed up the eyes.
Eyes are really tough! Really!


  1. I really love the amount of detail you got in both inchies, and I adore the sun, I have been looking for something like that to bead, so I love it.

  2. A lovely little village, very colourful.

  3. A lovely little village, very colourful.

  4. Both very successful inchies!


  5. love your little doodle village - I really like that style - and your sun looks so happy

  6. Your sun is great. But I love your village inchie. It's so much fun to look at the little colourful and playful houses.

  7. Incredible inchie. It would make a fantastic fabric design

    Love Chrissie x


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