Friday, January 22, 2016

For the love of a sofa...

So last week I forgot to submit my inchie... But at least I didn't forget to make it! lol!
This week we have one of my favorite things! Sofa! I love mine!

Actually we're getting a new one this month.
Which is kind of sad... Since we have these wonderful huge soft floaters... But they are 15 years old and have seen 10 years of sticky fingers (and paws) and jumping kids (jumping cat too!) lets just say these sofas have seen better days...
I am treasuring every last minute with my favorite sofa EVER! ;)

Positive Quotes Pocket Letter for Vivi in Malta

This was a swap on which paired me up with another Dane although she is living in sunny Malta!
I had just bought a pad of quote stickers and then this swap comes along... Meant to be...
The paper is new too. I totally love these wonderful colors!
All wrapped up and ready to go!

Pink pocket letter for Esther in the Netherlands
This was for a private swap on
For the first pocket I google translated 'hi' and 'letter'.
I completely fell in love with some beautiful stamps that were on a letter I received from Finland!

Yet another swap...
 This one for washi samples... I love washi!

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  1. love the sofa, I know what a good sofa can do for a living space, sadly we have not had a good one in a while :( i adore your pocket letters as always. What a beautiful gift.


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