Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Washi love...

My very first inchie of 2016!
For this one I decided to go black... Then stippled a galaxy of white gelly roll with a touch of purple and glitter.

After seeing the awesome 2015 inchie displays my fellow inchie... inchiers... inchiees... (There's tanglers doing zentangle, so are we inchiers??) (Or do I just really need to go to bed... ;)
Those amazing displays made me want to make one of my own.
But last year (it seems like it was just last week...) I put all my inchies on little tags and used them in my journal, so I couldn't make a display.

I'm not sure what I am doing this year, so for now I'll just save them in an envie...

I have been making some pocket letters lately, but my swap partners have not received them yet, so that's for another time...

This was for a washi tape swap I did a while back.
I have a serious addiction for washi tapes and I love these swaps!

I had 3 partners for this washi swap.
That means 3 letters with wonderful washi for me! Awesome!
A letter is not mandatory in these swaps. Just a note. But I really like writing letters, so I pretty much always write one for the swaps I take part in. And of course in a washi swap one should always pretty up everything with even more washi!

I hope you all entered the new year safe and sound...


  1. I love all the pocket letters that you do. I am always amazed at the level of detail you do. I also love the inchie. I would not have the patience to stipple all of that. Way to go!

  2. Ann, you have such patience with these projects! They are all well thought out and developed. Your recipients must be so happy to get your letters. Nicely done galaxy. I too haven't figured out how to display all the inchies, so for now I'm keeping them in a box. Have a brilliant new year! Cheryl

  3. lovely sparkly galaxy inchie. I wish all my inchies could be put together in one place too, but some of mine are in my sketchbook on back to back pages, so cutting one out would mean cutting into another. I suppose I could photocopy them, but that seems like to much work. I just like to inchie.

  4. Love the inchie with the stand out black and white image

    Chrissie xx

  5. That's is a really pretty galaxy that you made! I love Washi tape too. It sure can be addictive :)


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