Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zen in the sun...

It's here! 
The sun, the heat... Summer... Finally...
Just as we were about to give up hope it arrived.
So I had a little zen in the sun, and some of it with my trusty microns...
B-string with B-tangles...

A B to see... Get it? I'm so witty when it's this late... ;)

B-string with a whole lot of B-tangles is how I tackled Tuesday this week...
Be Vee, Bales on a string, Borbz, Btweed, Buttercup, Beadlines and two more that were new to me along with Be Vee, but I cannot remember the names right now...
Added some dangles as all the white space inside the B were poking at my eyes... I also tried for a drop shadow, something I think looks so amazing when I see it done, but man, it is hard to get just right.

I'm already contemplating how to attack next weeks C-string...

Tripoli - Tearce - Tracery

These were all new to me. I have seen Tearce used several times and really liked the look. I like it even more now that I have tried it.
Tripoli is so versatile I will also be using that again for sure.

Inside my journal
Last weeks entry in my journal.
The backing paper is a paperbag that came with some washi tapes I bought on ebay. I thought it was cute so I put it to use.

#whimsybykelly2015 days 181-185


  1. Beautiful work, all of it! Your B is so elegant and that shadow so clever. I thought Tearce was a boring tangle but I like how you elongated the hairs in a Misst like way which made it both interesting and useful. I shall try that. Very interesting seeing inside you journal, I never really thought I wanted to have a journal, but now I must go out and get one. It looks really fun.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Go for the journal! It's actually fun to flip through it. I started it in January which is also when I started tangling and it's fun to see how my drawings change over time.
      I imagine it'll be even more fun looking through it in a few years. :-)

  2. Dear Ann, I saw that you got top honors for the IAST 99 this week, congratulations! Awesome work as always! Love the peek into your journal, there's always interesting tidbits and doodads tucked inside. Have a brilliant day! c

  3. Thank you so much! You are so kind! :-)


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