Thursday, July 30, 2015

New tangles in old books...

Static, Printemps, Poke root, Vega
I find Vega really hard to draw. And I couldn't remember it so I googled it and I found this amazing tile by Margaret Bremner (everything she touches is just amazing!)
Look at the way she drew Vega, it looks so cool, I just had to try it!

And while I was drawing the roundings I suddenly had the urge to try that with Hollibaugh which I was drawing yesterday for Joey's Challenge #71...

 Inside My Journal

I've been neglecting my journal lately. I just toss stuff in between pages. I really have to get something done because knowing me, if I get too far behind it'll seem endless and I'll never get it done...
My usual layering... Notes about books I've read and what happened during that week.


Yesterday I went shopping with my daughter. I love that! We both love looking at everything we pass... Something that drives the boys crazy... lol.
We went to a secondhand store and I found this beautiful old book...

It's an old woodmans book. It has to be pretty old as it's printed in Gothic which I just googled and learned they stopped doing around 1860 and by 1900 everything was printed in antikva.
So it must be over a hundred years old. And well read too. Stained and bend pages.

And would you look at that! It has tangles! Soooold!

Those pages are just begging to be tangled!



  1. Your tile is very, very beautiful, I love the way you draw Pokeroot! Great book too.

  2. Such a whimsical SPV tile, and your journal is fantastic too. Wow, tangle patterns in the 1800's, that is almost like my prehistoric tangles:-)

  3. Oh! I love that technique in your journal, layering tiles over a page, and you lift to see what's written/drawn/etc. How cool! and that antique book...I can just about smell the delicious old book aroma of it. I found out that my old copy of the book Heidi has embellishments at the top of every page. There ya go: another reason why books are superior to kindle. Right?
    As for your hollibaugh tile. I am totally stealing that "rounding" thing for the negative spaces. It looks so finished! Refined. Lovely work

  4. Both your tiles are great. I am not a journaler, but perhaps I must start!

  5. Your S-P-V is very wonderful!! I like the way you did Vega and Poke Root too - very unusual!! Your Joey's Hollibaugh is lovely!! What a cool old book and how wonderful you see tangles!! You can make them up and call them something (or make ones similar). Cool to hear about your journaling!! Thank you for joining in!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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