Friday, July 31, 2015

Stacking tangles... And tiles...

Meer - Mi2 - Mr. E
Meer was new to me. What a great tangle! I really love how the little sparkles makes such a huge difference in it's appearance... It was a bit of a challenge to draw it spiraling though!
I had to look up Mi2, it's one of the tough ones to remember if you don't use it regularly, but it's such a pretty tangle!

This is always a fun challenge and usually it really is a challenge to get the two patterns mixed!

I've seen these tangled stacks around and it looked like so much fun I just had to try for myself!
And it really is fun. Also very relaxing and zenful.
It's just tangle after tangle after tangle... Just hold the pen and it flows out on it's own...

From above...
Printemps, Riki Tiki, Chechain, All boxed up, Meer, Akoya



  1. nice to let one tangle is coming up from the tile!

  2. All your tiles look amazingly pretty but my favourite is the one for its a string thing. So elegant !

  3. Amazing work! I love your String Challenge and the way Mr.E is moving across the space. Your Vano/Florez piece is wonderful~that's not an easy combo to pull off. I'm a huge fan of stacks and yours is delightful. Well done!


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