Monday, June 29, 2015

Challenging Monday...

I have seen Narwal used several times and always thought I'd have to try this cool tangle so this was the perfect opportunity...
Numerous pieces of paper later I finally started to get it down...
I really love this tangle just as much as I expected and I will absolutely need to play around with it more another time!

And then to the actual New To Me tile...
After Narwal I decided to go for two easy patterns. Swags and Rattia and were both easy looking enough that they didn't need practice. Both great patterns!
The two patterns were from this weeks featured artist Neil Burley. 

This tangle took some work for me. I tried really hard to come up with variations but that was not easy at all... I tried shading it different ways and played with the corner circles...
Finally I added a splash of color to spice up the pattern...

But in the end I like the result - so it was time well spent!

It's great learning new patterns, but tomorrow I think I'll stick to tangles I know, that is after all a bit more relaxing! ;-)

#whimsybykelly2015 days 179-180


  1. Great tiles. I love your Nawal, especially your coloured droopy one. Clever way to add interest to Dugwud.

  2. All 3 are great. Very nice artistry.

  3. Great tiles! You did a wonderful job on your Narwal. Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!

  4. I love the sparkles and the pink accent in your Dugwud tile!

  5. They both look great! (Narwal was my "new to me" also ;) )

  6. Amazing tiles - love the splash of colour in the third. But I especially like the second one, and think you've used Swags and Raffia beautifully. Thanks for joining in the challenge, and good luck in the draw.


  7. I love the bobbles and the one pink flower! Love the Narwal too!
    ~ joey ~

  8. Neat! I love the way you've made the circles solid like that, and that single pink sample is just yummy!


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