Monday, February 16, 2015

The Polka Dot Tangle!


 This was one of the tougher ones for me... Thought about drawing a cell phone, but couldn't figure out what to put in the text so I gave up on that idea...
Finally I decided to just write text, synonyms for the word text...
(((((((((((((((After reading this line you will only remember the word content appearing once! Oh, and that it is the most amazing inchie! Snap!)))))))))))))

This was a fun challenge!
No string, only circles and no overlapping...
Voxter, Hurakan, Vitrivius, Jetties, Inapod, Black Pearls

I wasn't really sure whether to grab a micron or to jump on the floor and get in to a suitable position for the POLKA DOT TANGLE! (It just feels like you have to shout that cool name while trowing your arms wide open...)

I decided to go all in on the polka dots because, well, I just love polka dots!
So I'm pulling my creative license card to overlook the part about each dot being filled with different tangles and spilling a handful of black pearls all over my tile...

Feeling the love for this one! I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with for the POLKA DOT TANGLE... (Just had to say that again...)

Thank you to everyone who has left me comments, you are all so sweet!


  1. Both of these are really nicely composed.

  2. love the inchie, very cool words on there. I really love all the shading you did in your polka dot challenge. it gives it alot of depth!

  3. It is the most amazing inchie. (((snap - I didn't see passage twice either - lol))) Great idea to use synonyms. Love polka dots myself so I really love your tangle. Ama

    1. Ignore the Ama at the end - have no idea what that means - snap

    2. See, I knew that would work! Lol. Thanks. :)

  4. Yes it is, hear, hear! Snap! (I don't even know what that means here, but I want to repeat it anyway). Love the shading in your tile. :)

  5. Very nice polka dots tile. The composition is really wonderful and I like the shading of the little dots. Good 3d-effect :-)
    Wonderful inchie too.

  6. Schweeet! I LOVE the little dots all over the background, and the shading is just amazing. It does look like you threw your arms open wide and danced all over the place. i love it!

  7. Great inchie and your polkadots are wonderful!

  8. Great shadowing of your black pearls!

  9. I just log your tile!! You did a fab job on your shading!! And your Inchie? Fantastic!!! Have a great week! ;0) Annette


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