Saturday, February 7, 2015

Daring to Zen with the Dala...

I wasn't really sure about this... It was only my second zendala and the template looked pretty tough...
But as soon as I put down the first connecting line cresent moon wanted to land and I just held the pen while it went it's own way...

I printed on regular printer paper... Not doing that again... Microns do not like it - it was skipping and going downright invisible at times...

But it turned out allright after all...

Tangles used:

While I was tangling away on this, my son (6) was looking at it and decided he wanted to make one too... Luckily I couldn't figure out how to just print one of the templates on the page, so he got the tile-size one and I got him going with very simple linework...

For the bottom spaces I suggested dots and he turned them into smilyfaces and thought he was extremly clever! It's so cute...
He finished off with a little post-it Minecraft head for his chin... Yeah... I didn't get that either... But he was half asleep...

Maybe I have a little future tangler here...

Tangles: Cadent and Buttercup

Thank you for all your lovely comments!


  1. I love your Bright Owl Zendala, the dark and light shading is spot on.

  2. A lovely zendala and an artist son!!!!

  3. love the bright owl and realy realy love the muster mixer!!

  4. Cool to know the Zendala dare is back - I might do that :) Wonderful Pattern Mixer - so creative!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  5. Your zendala is more than all right, it is lovely! And your son's is amazing--he's definitely a tangler in the making. Your last tile is really pretty also.

    I remember when my son (now 36!) had a Superman shirt like that. I could hardly get him to take it off, he loved it so much!

  6. Beautiful Zendala with a great contrast! Wonderful choice of tangles! Also I like your tile with Cadent and Buttercup ... so lovely combinations and variations! Nice to see your son tangling ... he´s a little artist!

  7. I love your Zendala!!!! Beautifully done.


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