Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scratch that...

 "This week's challenge is to try using tools or materials you've never used before for tangling."

 How perfect that I today received a package from Amazon containing black tiles and some scratch tiles too...

The scratch tiles I saw someone use on a blog, do not remember who or where, but I really wanted to try this. Also it was something I knew would drag the kids away from their ipads and do something creative for a while...

Black tiles I haven't tried tangling before. Only some scraps of black paper last week when I bought some white gelly rolls.

So my submission for this weeks diva challenge is these two...

Wavy border, Locar, Maryhill, Poke-leaf, Tipple

Inaura, Inapod, Poke-leaf, Eke
Drawing white on black was very enjoyable. Luckily the pack I bought contains 75 tiles, so I'll be playing more with that.

The scratch tile was really fun to do. I remember loving thise as a child.
For the next one I'll dig out a knitting needle and see if the lines can be cleaner with that. The nib on the little stick that came with the pack is rather thick and makes very uneven lines when drawing round...

My daugther did some flowers and hearts on hers. My son scratched his name and then proceeded to scratch off all of the black... That's my boy, so thorough...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 57


  1. Have not tried the scratch tiles. Have seen others post them, Yo did a nice variety of tangles. Your black tile turned out well. Using the white pens can be tricky.

  2. Never heard of this scratch tiles, but I like the idea (indeed from long ago). Both are pretty and the black one is very beautiful with great chosen tangles.

  3. Very lovely idea! Your scratched tiles are wonderful!

  4. ces couleurs sur le fond noir rendent vraiment très bien ! Très joli

  5. Fun scratch tiles! I remember using these with my students many moons ago. I would not have thought about using them for tangling. Thanks for the idea. I may use this with my students in my Zentangle enrichment course.

  6. Wow, your Maryhill just seems to be glowing! You did a nice job with black tiles and the scratch loos like fun too!


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