Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S for Star Map...

String #9
Star Map - Sooflowers - Inapod - Wud - Isochor - Wavy Border

Usually I use only tangles starting with the letter of the week, like an extra little challenge. However nothing really turned out right when practicing some new S tangles.
So after a while I just decided to forget about it and get tangling.
And then I needed something linear against all those soft swirly lines and Star Map was right there looking perfect and so easy I did not even need to look up the step-out!

I guess it all works out once you stop thinking too much and just draw...


  1. Very nice! I looked up Star Map and you are so right! It's perfect for those situations. Thanks!

  2. That's my problem too---too much thinking. You got the Zen flow down. Nice tile! Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  3. very pretty tile. I like how it breaks out of the border here and there, and it has a lovely flow. Inapod...so nicely done!. And yes, good balance with your star map.

  4. Very nice and neat and pretty tile! I'll need to look up Star Map too.


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