Sunday, August 30, 2015

Inchies and twinchies...

Catching up on my inchies!
Also catching up with....

I had fallen behind and missed the deadline on this challenge, but here we go...
Last week's prompt was grass and I decided to go the doodle way.
For China I decided on a little teacup.

Inside my journal

Wrapping paper from one of my birthday gifts turned into backing paper...
Layered tiles with room for writing notes about the week.
Pocket Letters are taking up my crafting time lately so the tangling is at a minimum... This is 3 weeks combined!
The zentangle tile is made on a tile that was sent to me in a zentangle swap. She drew a sting on it.
Great idea, I love it!
Tea cup and cat ATC made for swaps, but I made an extra for keeps!

It's not all that bad to combine some weeks. My journal is really getting fat! So every combined page means I can tear out a page and slim it down a little.
Next year I will probably make 2 journals so I can tear out half the pages and maybe it will get less bulky...

Swap book
What to do with the stuff I receive in swaps?
I saw on a swab-bot profile, can't remember who's, a book made out of incoming swaps. She only showed the cover, so I don't know how she did it.
But this is how I am doing it...
My very first swap! The tanned ATC is my outgoing. Below is my incoming.
The card can be opened and lifted to show the envelope below.

I really do not have the heart to just trow out pretty envelopes!
They make for a perfect background. Here I also added a picture of the envelope I sent out and a picture of the items I received as they were too many and too large to fit.

Washi sample swap so I added a little piece of the lovely washis I was sent.
Beautiful card and envie!
See how pretty my swap partner doodled the envie! and she made me an owl card in my favorite color! I love owls!
And funny, I also made an owl card for my outgoing swap, this time in Canada. I made a purple card as that was my receivers favorite color.

This book will be so fun to look through when it is finished!

Zentangle swap
Swapping a zentangle tile!
I drew a string on a tile and added it for extra.
My swap partner loved celestial images so I drew a sun for the card.

And the envie...



  1. adore all the journal work, so interesting! I also love your twinchies, the china cup is so much prettier than mine! And the inchies are awesome as well. I love the detail you got out of them!

  2. What fun to see all the glorious art here! I'm doing 3 journals this year and my current challenge in one is self portraits....seriously scary!


  3. Two lovely inchies. Your journal is looking fantastic.

  4. Two lovely inchies. Your journal is looking fantastic.

  5. such wonderful artwork. Your inchies are very good. especially like the shading in your drawing.

  6. Your inchies are beautiful, so well drawn. I like the heart-necklace so much :-)
    Thank you so much to show us your journal - I always love to look in journals and yours is so creative. I really like the way you show your work and tangling there. Your swap book is also fascinating. (The owl is great!)

  7. Ann, thank you so much for sharing every little bit of art you've created. I am thrilled that you're all caught up on the twinchies; I can't wait to see what kind of "treasure" you dig up! Have a brilliant day! c


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