Sunday, September 6, 2015

Loving pocket letters!

No one said it had to be a human ear!
I find human ears kinda nasty, so here's a sweet, soft, lovely, big kitty ear <3

Two by Two by Tuesday: Treasure
A good old treasure chest!
I colored it with watercolor pencils and used some glittery gelly pens for the gold and pearls.

After water...
Before water...
 Sometimes I skip the water part of these watercolor pencils (not because I'm a chicken and scared I'll ruin it and have to start all over! Really!) but just look at the difference!

Swapping Pocket Letters...

This pocket letter is themed 'All about me'...
1. My country with a letter. 2. I love washi with washi samples. 3. A recipe for my favorite apple pie and a tea bag. 4. My favorite tv-show with pretty buttons. 5. My favorite color with sticky notes. 6 My favorite animal with cat washi, cat stickers and cat sticky notes. 7. I love to read. Book recommendations and book pages from an old Danish book to use in crafting. 8. Tangled ATC. 9. Tiny bag of my favorite candy!
All wrapped up and ready to go into...
...a pretty envelope and off to Gini in the UK.

Another pocket letter!
This one was to have only washi tape as goodies!
For the backside I printed out qoutes. This way it will still look pretty when all the washi samples have been taken out in case my swap partner likes to keep her pocket letters in a binder.

A pocket letter has to contain a letter! Decorated with lots of washi to go with the theme...
All wrapped up!
Into the envie and off to Sylvia in Illinois...

I really love making the envelopes even though they will probably get tossed in the trash. But hopefully she will have a moment of joy when finding it in the mailbox...
I love receiving pretty mail and always save it!

This envelope contains washi samples and a card that I forgot to take a picture of and don't remember at all what look like!
Hey, I just turned 40, I'm allowed to be forgetful!!
Whatever it was, Karen loved it so all is well... And she is saving the envie, yay!

Swapping a tea cup ATC. This was the second ATC I have ever made...

I have sent out another 4 swaps this week, so I am keeping busy! lol!

The last creative piece I want to show you is a card I made for a colleague whom I will have shared my employment with for exactly 10 years tomorrow!

Still trying to stick with the whimsy challenge of being creative every day in 2015!


  1. love your sweet kitty inchie ear - well done What a lot of fabulous art here.

  2. Love the kitty ear and all your other art work.

  3. Love the kitty ear and all your other art work.

  4. Gosh, what a display - thanks for sharing. Love cat ears; I kiss my cat's ears every day. Love your drawn treasure. I will be posting mine soon too. All great drawings. I know what you mean about watercolour :)

  5. Adorable kitty ear! The treasure is great, both ways! And the envelopes are so awesome, Great work

  6. A very cute cuddly ear! I love to stroke my golden retriever Bailey's ears as they are so soft :-) lovely to see more of the art you've been up to as well.


  7. Love the kitty ear, and I agree, go for the water (just a little and it won't run.)!

  8. Lovely work, Ann! Thanks so very much for participating in the 2 by 2! --Delightful stuff here--the pocket letters are very interesting. And a happy belated birthday! If forgetfulness comes with 40, what happens at 56? Have a brilliant day! c

  9. Very nice your cat-ear-inchie! I love the eye of your cat!!!
    Thank you for showing us all your fantasting pocket letters :-)


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