Wednesday, August 12, 2015

To the wall...

Oh my! It is really rough getting back into the daily routine!
After almost 4 weeks vacation I seem to have forgotten just how little time is left when the kids are in bed and the daily chores are dealt with...
8 weeks till fall vacation!!!! I'm starting a countdown...

Pocket Letters
Have you ever heard of pocket letters? I hadn't until just recently when I joined swap-bot! They were invented by Jeanette Lane. Check out her site here.

I made my very first pocket letter and sent it off to my swap partner in the US. There was no theme picked out for this one so I just found some pretty paper and decided on owls as I love to draw owls!

The back of the pockets holds crafty goodies like washi tape and ribbon samples, paper clips, buttons, stickers and sticky notes etc. I put a teabag in one pocket and a little bag of candy in another.
And of course one pocket holds a letter...

Finish of with wrapping...

And a decorated envelope...

I really enjoyed making this and have since made another that I am about to send off. I can't wait for one to arrive here!



  1. I love the pocket letters idea, and the work you did on even the envelope it is beautiful! The inchie? Absolutely love the details on it. You did a great job

  2. Brilliant inchie. Love how the stones comes through the finery.
    I think Jenn will be happy getting such a nice letter.

  3. love how you have put all the cracks in your wall. I've been working on pocket letters myself - they are fun to make and to receive

  4. Lovely owl book and inchie. Great drawings.

  5. Lovely owl book and inchie. Great drawings.


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