Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation time is busy time...

Oh, I missed the deadline for this one. I tangled it last Wednesday...
Boy, how time flies by when it's vacation time...

I used Efilys as the string and surrounded it with a border of Equerre.

I brought out my watercolors for this one.

There's been way too little tangling going on here the past week!
So I let them rain down on this twinchie...

 Rain, Ripple, Tipple, Msst
(Hush! Don't tell anyone.. I kinda "cheated" a bit with this one and drew it in pencil first. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to go over and under like that...)

ATC #1 - For Swap-bot..

This is my first ATC which I made for a swap on swap-bot.
The theme was "Just a doodle".
I used some cardboard from an envelope that came from amazon with a book ("Wreck this book" - wonder when I'll find the time to get that one started! Pfft...). I really liked the color of it and thought it would look great with brown micron and white highlights. I used colored pencils for shading.

Tangles: Hurry, Printemps, Dandi, Fescu, Kozy, Tipple

It's a little weird sending this off into the world... But thankfully the Karen in Oregon was very pleased to receive it!

This is what I got in return, from another tangler. 

I love the laced tangle and the middle that looks like a mandala.
A very lovely tile!

I have made my very first pocket letter this week too. Also for a swap. That was really fun and I will be making more definitely! I see how that can be addicting!

Last week I bought a chromecast and it came in this little box.
Nice and sturdy and such a lovely color... 
Now it looks like this...
I decided to keep one of the inside dividers.
Now it holds inchie, twinchie and ATC sized tiles all cut up and ready for use...



  1. Wonderful Hollibaugh, another intriguing take on it. You have been busy with all your swaps and that container for your tiles is very clever,

  2. No problem glad you put it up on this weeks challenge.

  3. You have done a bunch this week, so much eye candy! I also love the box

  4. Wow! The Hollibaugh tile is really creative. I love it.

  5. ALL are wonderful, I really love the ATC!


  6. Lovely work :-) I really like your yellow inchie and your rainy zentangle tile, very nice combination of patterns!
    Your Hollibaugh monotangle looks also so smart.
    And your ATC has wonderful colours, love it!

  7. Okay, all of these are amazing. You have an elegant style with precision of line that makes your work delightful to view. The hollibaugh piece is SO cool, where it winds around itself. Love it! And yellow is my favorite color. Can I share your inchie on my "Yellow' Pinterest page?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Of course you may share my inchie. :-)

  8. Wow! all of your work here is fantastic. I really love your Hollibaugh and that ATC is gorgeous. I recently became involved in a swap group and it is a little scary and exciting to send my art out into the world.

  9. Nice work. I really love the pretty inchie in yellow!

  10. I especially love your Hollibaugh, and how it pulls from the paper. So much fun to look at. Thank you!


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