Thursday, July 9, 2015

The zentennial and the return of the zendala...

Vacation time... So very soon... 
Last day at work tomorrow and a very busy day, then Saturday we go camping. Yay!
That usually means no internet, and maybe even no cell coverage (WAHH!)

So I wanted to get a final post in before we're off. I didn't want to miss the 100th String Thing! And not the return of the zendala dare either!

A very big congratulations to Adele and an even bigger thank you for all the work she puts in these great challenges!
 Adele Bruno made a lovely 100 inspired string and ditto tangle for this very special challenge.
This tile simply just drew it self.
Pure zen.
I love when that happens!

Erin is back with her zendala dares. Lucky us!
This template took some thinking.
As Erin thankfully pointed out, it has an uneven number of triangles. Had she not, I would no doubt have had the same problem she did as my first thought was paradox or betweed. That would make a cool effect. But not with uneven numbers.

The solution to me was five empty triangles. Of course they weren't empty long...
Problem solved... Next problem was all those ovals... To get them even... Not a chance...
So I 'cheated' again and just used some of them...

I love the look of Paradox, but it didn't have enough contrast...

 Out comes the colored pencils... Some more solid black... Heavier shading...

Now I am happy.
I really didn't think I would get anything out of that template. And that is exactly why I love this challenge...

That was not my only problem this week...
The inchie prompt had me staring at the paper. And the twinchie I just rushed and sadly do not have time to make it like I wanted...

This is the first time I have been completely blank on an inchie prompt... Probably because I think noses are kinda nasty...
And how do you draw a nose so it looks interesting or cute or just nice?

But it is a challenge, so I tried... My son likes to dig for gold... So I drew that... ;)

I realized this one has deadline while I'm away, so I had to do a quickie... 
In stead of tangling as I wanted I just colored it in...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 188-190


  1. Lovely job on this Zendala. And it really is a challenge, especially being an uneven number of spaces to work with.

  2. Your zendala is beautiful, the coloring and shading are great. Have a good time camping!!! We are going to the beach (North sea) today for some days, hope we all enjoy the time.

  3. Love the dangles on your celebratory tile for Adele. I have just bought that book but haven't had time to try anything. Great zendala, my favourite bits are the hanging topknots around the edge.

  4. Beautiful Zendala! Thank you so much for sharing your whole process of creating it. I love to see how other people work through the creative process.

  5. Lots of great work. You get a lot done in a week. I like what you did with the zendala template. that is one of the things I looked forward to with different posts. People use what they want and it makes for such variety. Like the shading and the subtle colors.

  6. Dear Ann, thank you for participating in the TwobyTwo challenge, the squirrel is adorable! Your other works are beautiful and I like your process for the zendala, including your thoughts on it's progress. Have a blast camping! c

  7. So lovely work! Especially I like your wonderful zendala!

  8. Do like your artwork. Your inchie nose is a blast!

  9. Love what you did with the Zendala Dare! Gorgeous!

  10. You and I were kinda the same this week, I did a squirrel like you did. I also love the inchie, I was going to try this same design but couldnt get it in beads lol. (love the digging for gold thing, I said the same thing to my son when he was a lil kid) Te rest of your work is awesome!


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