Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Swapping the Zen...

The first thing on my mind was windmills... In Denmark we have Vestas, they make windmills which are sold all over the world. Windmills are a part of the landscape here. Also I know people who work with Vestas, so it's no wonder that immediately popped into my head...

What a great tangle pattern this was. I love the depth it creates.
That last bar went it's own way...

 I have found what will probably turn into a new obsession... Somehow I ended up on this blog and she posted pictures of some wonderful tangled ATCs she made for a swap on this site called Swap-bot...

Just imagine actually getting something other than adds in the mailbox. Like beautiful handmade ART in the mailbox. Like zen in the mailbox!
Yesterday I mailed my very first ATC ever. It's on it's way to the states. I'm crossing my fingers the recipient will be happy with it...

Today I have made a card for another recipient in Canada. That will be going in the mail tomorrow.

So why am I not showing off my very first ATC ever?
Because it's a surprise!! It's no fun, if you already know what's in the letter when you open it.

 ...Waiting by the mailbox...

 #whimsybykelly2015 days 198-202


  1. Love you inchie and also your tangle. Both are great.

  2. love the inchie, very similar to mine. but I really adore your tangle, it is so awesome

  3. Love the tangle & inchie and it's amazing how the modern windmills have taken over the landscape - I seem to see them everywhere (including this week's challenge!)

  4. Love your inchie and tangle.

  5. Love your inchie and tangle.

  6. Original idea for your Girdy. Love the way it melts and becomes tangled in another rod.

  7. great idea for your inchie - love how you have drawn and shaded your idea

  8. Beautiful job - really like that last, non-conforming, bar with it's own mind - the tile looks like it should have a quote with it about being unique ...

  9. Your inchie is cool!! Your Girdy is amazing!! Just WOW - I love the design of it and the color too :) Beautiful!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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