Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter holidays have begun!

Hang in there... It's a long one... Covering 3 days...

So it's monday... And it's easter... Aka HOLIDAY! Aka YAY!

Oh, no! Someone took an axe to my oak tree!
Or maybe just a butterknife... As it's only an inch...

Today I brought out the scratch tiles and made two "happy easter" cards for some easter eggs that I am giving away for the "gækkebrev" I sent out a couple of weeks ago. (It's a Danish tradition, you can read about it in this post...)

God påske = Happy easter...

 I think maybe I made a new border tangle on the colored tile. I quite like it! And I love how it came about all on it's own!

I added some new scratch tiles too with the easter eggs. Spreading a little creativeness along with the chocolate! :D

It's been a very long time since I last picked up a crochet hook... More than a year... Maybe even two... How time flies...
At least it was long enough that I had to look up the stitches! (It can be a bit confusing with the difference in UK vs US stitches with the same name...)

I was stopping by looking for the tangled thursday challenge but instead I found the most amazing thing on Heather's needlework tuesday post...

The reason I suddenly just HAD to dust of the crochet case was this crazy amazing CAL (crochet along) called Sofie's Universe ...
So many different stitches and colors it looks so fun to make!

Just look at this amazing piece... It's up to part 12 of 20 so the ones who got started in time is about halfway done...
What it should look like about halfway done... Amazing!
I DID NOT MAKE THIS! Follow the link to see the other 2 versions/sizes of this beauty...
I only just got started!

No, this tiny little doily is what I made most of on saturday and a little today...

I love these colors!
 This is actually just a trial run... I just wanted to make sure I was up for this pretty intense challenge before investing in new yarn (Nooo, I do not have yarn in my stash that will work for this! Well, I don't have enough of that yarn anyways! So really, I have to by new yarn... I do!)...

This is cheap cotton which I have a pretty big stash of and thus a nice range of colors... But a larger piece is going to be pretty heavy if made in cotton, so I prefer wool...
But I'm very sure there's a teddy in the house who would be a happy taker of this test run...



Finally got around to finishing the second drawing for the "Triple B" Bible Book Biweekly Challenge.
The terms for the challenge have now changed. So you do not need to draw an entire page to participate, now any size goes!
I went for half a page as I have been pretty low on tangle-time this week...
This weeks book is "Exodus"...

E - Enyshou by Zentangle
O - Ovolution by Sandra Chatelain and Ogel by Margaret Bremner (Oops... a second O tangle sneaked it's way in...)
D - Diva Dance Foxtrot by Zentangle

 Of these 7 tangles only 2 were known to me. I really love all these new tangles I learned, but especially Ovolution and Ogel.


  1. You did a great job with Exodus! Also, great inchie.

  2. oh my gosh, I love the work that you did this week. So much great work. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love your slice of oak! Great inchie. Your crocheting is really pretty. I love to crochet although I don't do it often. I recently finished off an afghan that I had started 30 years ago! Great artwork.

  4. Love your beautiful inchie

    Chrissie xx

  5. hi Ann, you are doing such great art. I really like the idea of inchies and am going to have to try them.
    Glad you tried Sophie's Universe. what you've done looks very good. love that hot pink . I started it mostly to see if i could do it. so far so good. Lots of careful reading required before stitching. It is one of the best written and illustrated patterns I've used.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.

  6. What a good idea for your inchie. The tangles are fab as well.

  7. You have been busy. Live your tangled work. I will be getting out my crochet hooks in a little while to do some things for my daughter (grandbaby due the end of October).

  8. Great work for the bible book challenge! And lovely inchie too.

  9. Ann, you have been very busy! I think you hit the nail on the head with your oak inchie. But it's the crochet project that is unbelievable! I had to check out the website--that is going to be gorgeous when finished. Have a brilliant day! c

  10. Wonderful work! Love your oak inchie!


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