Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Zen...

I really fell in love with Cubine yesterday when doing the tile for the Diva challenge. So I thought I'd make another submission for the Diva's with this zendala dare. But then my pen got ahead of me and had suddenly drawn some Betweed...

Ah, well that's what happens when you get in the Zen zone... It just starts drawing itself...

Cubine, Poke root, Betweed
(Please follow the Cubine link and see Margaret Bremner's tutorial and you'll fall in love too!)

Again this one took on a life on it's own and turned out more of coloring in than a zentangle tile...
Still, I had fun and that is after all the most important thing about these challenges...

In Denmark we don't celebrate St. Patrick's day, pretty much all I know of that tradition is clovers and green...

We do however celebrate Easter which is not that far away now... And it is much anticipated here as it means a holiday of an entire week! Yay!

The easterbunny has not made it's way to Denmark (YET... halloween and valentines is almost a thing now, so the easterbunny will probably be next...).

We have our own easter tradition of making and mailing a 'gækkebrev'. It's a paper-cutting with a little rhyme and dots for your name, that you send to a friend in a letter with a snowdrop flower. If the receiver does not guess who sent it, they will have to give an easter (chocolate)egg. If they guess right, the sender will give the egg.

The kids have spent their afternoon cutting colored paper and thinking up ways (cheating!) to dot their name so noone will be able to guess...

I made this one for my niece... Just cheating a tiny bit, dotting my name with eggs as 'aunt Ann' in stead of just 'Ann'...
She'll guess it, if not I'll 'accidentally' ask if she received it...


  1. I love your Zendala and your comment about how it sometimes just draws itself! Your Cubine is amazing!

  2. I agree with Antonine...your Cubine is amazing!

  3. Thanks Ann, for telling about a Danish tradition; which is a nice one. It's always nice to learn more about other countries and this community is a good place to do it.
    Your zendala is stunning, I do LOVE it.

  4. Love your Zendala and your "joey's" tile.

  5. You're certainly right about a Zentangle sometimes just drawing itself. Nice work!

  6. Love, love, love this Zendala! The way you've used Cubine is so original and inspiring. Love the feel of space and depth. Beautiful!

  7. Wow! Love that Zendala. Isn't it funny how sometimes that is exactly what happens ~ our pens take off without us? Beautiful work!


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