Friday, March 27, 2015

Lining up the felines...

Cats in a line...
 I saw something like this on pinterest a while back and today I was in a cat kinda mood...
So this came to mind (after falling into the dreaded pinterest cat-trap... Suddenly half an hour had gone by just looking at cat pictures going awwww...) and was put to paper...

This one I might just hang on the wall!
(I love cats!) (Like, really love them!)

 Tangles used are Printemps, Beeline, X, A-Fog and... The last one slipped my mind...

Yesterday's creative work:

Orbs-La-Dee by Anneke Van Dam
Ohoho by Damy
Obad by Molly Bee
Octoleg by Damy
Okra by Kathy Redmond

My purple micron wanted to be picked up. And shading was done with pencil and purple pencil...

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  1. Wonderful tile! I like your pattern choices--they work well together.


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