Sunday, April 3, 2016

Snail mail love...

Every Inchie Monday #14: Grandmother
I feel a bit like I cheated with this one as I dug out a picture of my mum (turns out I take way to few pictures of my mum!), grandma of my daughter who's back you also see...
Ah well, I had a great time looking a pics!

Flip Book
I came across a tutorial video on youtube and fell in love... 
I watched a ton of videoes of flip books in all shapes and sizes. And just when I decided I had to put down the ipad and pick up some paper... There was a flip book swap on swap-bot!

So here's my very first flip book...
The front is very simple because the paper was so adorable...
It ended up being quite bulky so a little ribbon with a bow keep it closed.
Open up to a cup of tea and, since it was easter time, some bunny buttons!
I made the envelopes, there's 3 for her to use.
Not done yet!
Jumping into the deep end with my first one... 4 pages!
The envie holds a letter. The pink journal card flips up, as does the tag behind. I hid some goodies in there...
Notice something sticking out on the top? I made a pocket when gluing two papers together and put some tags in it.
 Flip to the other side and find a half page that flips up and reveals more goodies. For the last page I made a pocket to hold journal cards and sticky notes.
Into an envie and off to the United Kingdom...

This was so much fun to make and I have finished my second today, that one goes to Canada...
Let's make another!


  1. love all the work this week. I dont think you cheated on your inchie! It is beautiful

  2. Lovely art shares & the frame to your inchie is spectacular :-)


  3. Great idea using this picture on your inchie

  4. Not a cheat - special inchie to you and lovely to boot, like your flip book too


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