Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flippin' books...

Every Inchie Monday #16 : Poetry
Ugh... Tough one!!
A tiny little poem... And here it is in my journal...

 Snail Mail Flip Book
 This is my second snail mail flip book. It's also my new addiction...
The 'hello' was sent to as goodie in a pocket letter along with a ton of other die cuts. I am really loving them. They are all white, so I watercolored it in a matching color.
This one got a little (a lot) bulky so I had to tie a ribbon around it to keep it fairly closed. 

On the first page I made a little pocket for some journaling cards. There is a tiny card in the tiny envelope...
My letter is clipped to the back of the flower card which flips upwards...
Under it is a little bag of butterflies die cut pieces and under that is a piece of acetate with some stickers from fruit which my partner in this swap collects...

Inside the flip book...
I attached some cardstock to the back of the bicycle card to make a pocket for some washi samples.
The tag flips up....
And behind it you find a little envie with stickers...
When I glued two pieces of cardstock together for this page I made a pocket for some journaling tags...
Last page... The polka dot bag holes some diy paper bows...
My swap partner also collects coins so I found a Danish one a taped it in the corner...
Into the envie and off to Canada!


  1. Wonderful ideas for your book

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. What fun you're having, I've got a swap happening this week through art prompts galore where we are assigned a partner & only use the stuff we receive in a "paste book" so I've dug out an empty scrapbook that's been sitting in a drawer for years....more will follow on the blog!


  3. great journal. I'm really impresssed by how your fit all those poetic words on to an inchie - well done

  4. love the amount of detail in your inchie! I also love the snail mail book! so cool

  5. Sweet little inchie and I just love all the things you managed to fit into that journal!

  6. How awesome is that book?! So many goodies tucked away! Your inchie is lovely, too! Cheryl

  7. Really lovely work - very inspiring and a super little poem inchie

  8. Lovely niche, and your journal is fabulous.


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