Saturday, February 6, 2016

Slip into an inch...

I knew right away how I wanted to do this one. Finally an easy one!! lol!

I drew the slippers on polka dotted cardstock and glued on yarn for the part of the slipper that I do not know the English word for. Actually I don't know the Danish word for it either...
Is there a name for that part of a slipper?

A little rhinestone slipped (!) in there.
After our very manly theme last week, we need some sparkle! ;)

Now could I please have me some slippers-weather!

Pocket Letter of Bs... 
This was for a swapbot swap and went all the way to Africa!
Everything in this pocket letter was to begin with B.
Letter in Danish is 'brev'. Perfect for my first pocket. Then Bird, Bronze, Bow, Birdcage, Brads, Butterfly, Big and Buttons.
All except one pocket are cut down journaling cards. They are so pretty!


  1. I wish I was wearing flip flop style slippers right now but it is snowing here today & we have about 20cm so far!


  2. Great slippers, but you would need some nice thick socks with them here.

  3. Great slippers, but you would need some nice thick socks with them here.

  4. Too much cuteness, Ann! I believe the word for the strap across the toes is called a thong and occasionally those kind of sandals are called thongs (not to be confused with thongs, the underwear) or zorries or mostly, flip-flops. Great work! Have a brilliant day! Cheryl

  5. great flip-flop slippers - I was wondering why flip flops kept coming up as inchies this week but you've just explained it if you call them slippers! Yes the cross things that hold your foot in are called thongs

  6. Amazing letter card and wonderful slippers on your inchie

    Love Chrissie xx


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