Monday, September 21, 2015

Myth and butterflies for India...

This was a though one for me. It was unicorn or mermaid...
My horses looks just as much like hyenas, so I didn't really feel like trying my hand at a magical unicorn/hyena!
Mermaid it is... Though one.
But at least it doesn't look like a!

Pocket Letter: Butterflies
A girl from India contacted med on and asked for a swap. The theme is one we both love; butterflies!

The purple watercolored paper is actually cut from the packaging of a set of brushes. The dotted green is from a pack of stickers... I like to recycle!
I printed some pretty butterfly artsy pictures off the web and made a little pocket sized book (middle left) with them.
Goodies in the back of the pockets. Stickers, wooden hearts, diecuts with butterflies (and a letter), little bag of Danish candy, bag of bling, butterfly book and stickynotes, butterfly printouts and punchies, bag of buttons, washi samples...

And of course, some butterflies on the envie too!
Then all the way to India. And amazingly it arrived in just a week!



  1. love the mermaid! You did an awesome job, As always I love the cards and envelopes!

  2. great mermaid - I'm sure your unicorn would have been fine. Great butterflies

  3. Very nice mermaid, Ann! And the butterflies and all the energy you put into the pockets is truly amazing. Beautiful. Have a brilliant day! c

  4. Very nice art on here this week! A cute mermaid, she made me thing of the one in Copenhagen :-) and the butterfly pages are a great theme to have a trade with. My brain went blank this week! Could only manage to match words to the letters....


  5. You mermaid is beautiful! And your cards are great, wonderful swap!

  6. Great mermaid, I didn't think of that one.

  7. I adore this inchie! I saw the original when I was in Copenhagen :) Your world of card-swapping is amazing!


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