Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tackling Tuesdays again!

Tackle it Tuesday... It's back!
And with a new theme... Alphabet strings. 
This week: A... With A-tangles...
I decided to tangle around an A silhouette.
Arukas, aa's, all boxed up, beadlines, squid, dandi... And some random doodling...

Just two new to me tangles this time, so I went for it...

It took me a while to get Mel Mel flowing... And I found that I like it better in a row than in a circle...
Somehow everything just wanted to be flowers in this tile...
I could not resist the cruffle butterfly...

I had fun with this as a string! I will have to try this in a bigger scale too... And with color...

Another new to me tangle. But this one was easy to learn and fun to draw. Great tangle. Great challenge!

If you like monotangles go check out Suzy Mosh's new Sunday challenge "Tangle Me 3". This week starring Cadent.

Go ahead and take a bite... (Z)enjoy....

Inside my journal
Last week in my journal... As always I layered tiles with notes and other stuff underneath...

#whimsybykelly2015 days 174-178
Kelly's challenge is almost into it's second half of 2015 and I'm still going strong! Who would have thought that? Not me for sure.
I'm very happy that I still manage to do just a little creative every day. By now it's sure to be a habit hard to get out of.


  1. Your collection of challenges this week was so fun to look through. I love how you used Cornerz in the smaller box. Your Tackle it Tuesday is magnificent too!
    Thanks for sharing your work,
    ~ joey ~

  2. Thank you for sharing the peek inside your journal. I love that idea of using your designs to hide your other thoughts. Your Zentangles are beautiful.

  3. Your tile is awesome my friend. Glad to have you back doing the challenges!

  4. Really nice pieces, all of them. I do think a cupcake might really be the right thing to enjoy right now :)

  5. love all the pieces, like the flower of life, and I will take one of the inchies right now to enjoy as well! LOL

  6. I'm always amazed at the creativity in your challenges and how you manage to get so much done! Love the cupcake on your inchie.

  7. I love your cupcake!! ~ Terrific drawing and coloring ~ Yummm :)

  8. Love your inchie and your tangles are just stunning.


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