Sunday, May 31, 2015

Favorite things...

It's great to see more people participating in this biweekly twinchie challenge!

The zendala dare is one of my favorite challenges. Unfortunately there has been no new challenges for a long time now...
Which is why I started from the beginning and am now up to dare number 4.

A peek into my journal with some zen, inchies, books I've read and under the tile and zendala is layered more stuff I created and also notes about what we have been doing.
As you can see I'm also revisiting one of my absolute favorite tv-shows.

You should go check out Joey's "Inside my sketchbook" and participate. I love sneaking a peek into Joey's sketchbook and it would be fun to see more join in.
It doesn't have to be an actual sketchbook - anything goes!


  1. Wonderful shares & nice to see inside other peoples journals LOL! I'm running 3 weeklies at the moment.


  2. I look forward to peaking in YOUR sketch book too! I love that you start with a piece of patterned paper and then attach your journal entries to it. Your inchies (love the tags!) and twinchies and zendala are all amazing!
    Thanks for linking up,
    ~ joey ~

  3. So much neat stuff today. Your twinchie is awesome. So much going on there. The zendala dare is lovely. I don't think I could really do that in beads, unless it was HUGE! The inchie is cute as well. If I used a journal it would be cool to see what my thought processes are but I have a million little papers, wrappers and scraps all over the place of ideas. I may have to break down and put them all in a journal. Lol one of these days

  4. Lots of fun things to look at. I think you could do the Zendala Dare over and over and never get the same results anyway. I loved peeking into your sketchbook too!

  5. Fabulous sketchbook and inchie. love your tangles.

  6. Fabulous sketchbook and inchie. love your tangles.

  7. great artwork - I like the dimensionality of your pillow

  8. Dear Ann, Thank you for taking on the Twinchie challenge! I like your favorite things and glimpses into your journal and your life on view. That little pillow looks comfy and the Zendala is beautiful! Have a brilliant day! c

  9. Your art work is awesome! I think we were thinking a lot alike with our inchies! I also love how you are putting your inchies on tags in your jounal - I may have to "borrow" that idea!

  10. All terrific artwork and a wonderful inchie

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Hello Ann, love your work, so gorgeous. I to love looking at other peoples journals/sketchbooks. All very inspirational.



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