Sunday, May 10, 2015

A week in pictures...

 Another week has flown by fast as lightning!
Here is some of the creative stuff I worked on this past week...

 I have a hard time with mumsy... Compensated with colors and lots of glittery gelly roll!!
It was fun after all and I like the result despite the tricky mumsy...

Thursday my son will be 7! Incredible as it seems like just yesterday he was a baby!
I have been working on a birthday sign for his door...
Something I did a few years back and it's now a tradition of which I am lately reminded daily by my daughter... The signs stay on the door till their next birthday, so I try my best!!

Finally I got this one done...
I found the animal letters on pinterest... Let's just hope he'll love it even though it's more cute than cool...
The balloons I made with washi tape on paper...
It has been approved by the birthday committee... (Aka my daughter...)

 I put my Sofie's Universe on hold because I saw these amazing dreamcatchers on pinterest made with a doily. I just really have to try it!

Inside my journal

Last weeks pages in my journal...

And last but certainly not least...

This was a tough one... It took a few tries...
But here's my diagram of my Zen...

#whimsybykelly2015 day 125-131


  1. Love how paisley that mumsy tile looks. The interior patterns have such a delicate look. And the colors are so lovely. Nice job! Also love your crochet. I used to make doilies, but my fingers and my eyes went out pretty much at the same time (not OUT out, but carpal tunnel syndrome plus aging eyesight meant it was more stressful to crochet than it was I put it aside. Still have lots of my doilies around though.)

  2. love all the art you have this week. So much talent! I love the animal letters, they are adorable and what a great tradition! I like the inchie. great design. Also love the look into your journal pages, neat to see the creative process

  3. The sweetest inchie-tag, and gorgeous art and craft pieces!

  4. That sure is a clever inchie, and I'm sure your son will be pleased with his 7 year old sign, just because you made it for him. I think it's cute!

  5. Great inchie and fabulous tangles, I love your journal/

  6. I forgot to say that my image link isn't working so here is my link

  7. I forgot to say that my image link isn't working so here is my link

  8. All great projects and a wonderful inchie

    Love Chrissie xxx

  9. So much accomplished in a week or so.
    I reallly like the idea of the yearly door signs. Something special for the kids to look forward to,

    I haven't got too much further on Sophie either, but I'll get there yet. the dream catch looks good so far. Hope to see more of it.

    thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday.


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